• PRO Solutions

    Get the most affordable fitting and installation of various eco materials in and around your home.

    We replace your existing doors, windows, blinds, and other fittings with eco friendly ones that are inexpensive.

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  • Design Tips

    We have one of the most talented interior décor and design experts

    that can help you set a monotonous and beautiful theme in your home.
    Whether you need redesign or fresh ideas, we’re here to help!

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  • Eco Materials

    Any problems with the fixtures and fittings we installed?

    Get them repaired or replaced for free within 12 months, along with complimentary checkups and after sales services.

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  • Creative Ideas

    We offer a holistic approach when it comes to home décor and design

    from inspiration and creative input to materials and installation.
    While home décor and design can be expensive in many cases, it doesn’t always have to be.

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Latest Projects


At Decor Plus, we believe in providing inexpensive yet quality materials that transform the look and feel of the space, and maintain high standards of customer service with regular checkups and scheduled after sales services.

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New Publications


Our services allow our customers to gain access to inexpensive furniture and fittings that can help them create a seamless theme in their interior space.

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