Decor Plus – All-In-One Service Package You Always Wanted.

Hiring an interior designer, getting all the designs right, purchasing the materials, and getting them installed can all add up to as astronomical sum. You have to consider the fee for the designers/décor experts, the materials, and builders. In case you want to get remodeling work done on your home, then you are looking at a big investment.

While home décor and design can be expensive in many cases, it doesn’t always have to be. With Decor Plus, you can now get inspiration for décor and installation of fixtures and fittings in and around your home, all in one place. We are one of the most reliable and seasoned home décor experts and builders in city, and provide pro solutions for low cost substitutes of materials such as vinyl, paint, false ceiling, wallpaper, doors, windows, blinds, and much more!

Our Services

Decor Plus offers a holistic approach when it comes to home décor and design from inspiration and creative input to materials and installation. With more than Decor Plus years of experience and having one of the best interior décor experts and servicemen, we are proud to say that we have helped homes, workplaces, and other properties across city with passion.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

• Décor ideas and samples

• Materials and installation

• Replacement and Repair

• Regular Maintenance and Checkup

• After sales Services

At Decor Plus, we believe in providing inexpensive yet quality materials that transform the look and feel of the space, and maintain high standards of customer service with regular checkups and scheduled after sales services. Our services allow our customers to gain access to inexpensive furniture and fittings that can help them create a seamless theme in their interior space.

3 Reasons to Choose Us

Many families, businesses, and facilities around city put their trust in our hands to get the job done right. We are one of the most successful home design and décor experts with a local and personalized approach. One of our current projects includes installation of gypsum board and false ceiling and moquette fitting at the prestigious Hotel Monroe. If you are not sure about us, these three reasons will definitely change your mind.

1. Low Cost Solutions

Get the most affordable fitting and installation of various eco materials in and around your home. We replace your existing doors, windows, blinds, and other fittings with eco friendly ones that are inexpensive.

2. Design Tips & Creative Ideas from the Best

We have one of the most talented interior décor and design experts that can help you set a monotonous and beautiful theme in your home. Whether you need redesign or fresh ideas, we’re here to help!

3. 12-month Guarantee

Any problems with the fixtures and fittings we installed? Get them repaired or replaced for free within 12 months, along with complimentary checkups and after sales services.

Get started today with Decor Plus and transform your home and lifestyle in a wallet friendly budget.

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